Navigating Retirement: Balancing Emotions and Finances with Lindsay Troxwell (Ep 47)

A few key factors determine if a person will have an enjoyable retirement or a sluggish one.

Many seniors worry about loosing their purpose in retirement and being bored, others look forward to the trips and unlimited free time.

In this episode, Greg sits down with Lindsay Troxell, Head Coach of Our Coaching Initiative, to explore the emotional and practical aspects of retirement planning.

Join Greg and Lindsay as they delve into the intricacies of pre-retirement financial planning and the transition into retirement life.

Lindsay discusses:

  • Strategies for managing energy levels to thrive in retirement
  • The importance of addressing emotional concerns during the transition to retirement
  • The role of identity and purpose in retirement planning
  • Resources available for both consumers and financial advisors navigating retirement planning
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Lindsay Troxwell is a Certified Life Coach and International speaker changing the landscape of financial services. Since 2005, Lindsay Troxell has worked thousands of teams across the United States and in Europe with a focus on practice management, business development, client experience, team dynamics, and mindset.