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Transitioning Your Parents Into Assisted Living with Sarah Dixon (Ep. 39)

As our parents age, sometimes it’s necessary to find a place where their quality of life will be better.

Many difficulties can arise in this process, such as the financial part and the emotional conversations we need to have with them.

In this episode of Your Financial Advocate, Greg DuPont is joined by Sarah Dixon, community relations director at Bluebird Retirement Community, to talk about the transition from in-home care to an assisted facility and how we can have these tough conversations when it comes to helping our parents.

Sarah discusses:

  • Her background in healthcare and how she got introduced to the hospitality industry
  • The transition from working in large corporations to a privately owned business
  • The different ways families approach assisted living facilities
  • The different levels of assistance care 
  • The financial preparation needed before applying for an assisted care space
  • Things to consider when families are searching for facilities
  • A few details about Bluebird’s dementia care unit
  • How should conversations about transitioning to a specialized facility should be tackled
  • And more!


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