Lessons in Mutual Funds and Investments with John McConnell (Ep. 24)

Throughout the pandemic, you probably heard it countless times: “The days of living off of one job are over.” You must invest your money into either stock, bonds or mutual funds, so your money can make money. 

The next thought that takes over your mind may be, “why would I invest my money into something that I know nothing about? What if I invest $1000 in a mutual fund and the company goes bankrupt?”

In this episode, Greg DuPont is joined again by guest John McConnell, founder of McConnell Financial. This time around, they’re taking a break from discussing bonds and have now pivoted to discussing mutual funds and investments. 

Greg & John  discusses:

  • What a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is 
  • How Floating Rate Funds work 
  • Why insurance companies are the safest place to invest money
  • And more!


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About our guest:

John is passionate about sharing the truth around retirement planning. He started his career at Morgan Stanley and progressed into a long-term care and disability brokerage firm. He was later recruited by MetLife as one of six product specialists throughout the country. John was then sought out by one of the country’s largest distributors of retirement solutions before returning to his true calling of helping retirees navigate this unusual time that we now live in.