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The Power of Real Estate Investing with Taylor Vick, CFA (Ep 44)

Real estate is one of the most popular forms of investment. It offers a variety of benefits, such as income generation, capital appreciation, tax efficiency, and diversification.

However, real estate investing also comes with its own challenges, such as finding the right properties, managing them effectively, and navigating the complex legal and financial aspects.

That is why investors must be well educated in this field in order to provide the proper guidance to their clients.

Greg DuPont sits down with Taylor Vick, Managing Director at Blue Ridge Asset Management, to explore the ins and outs of real estate investing. Taylor shares his expertise on various types of real estate investments and the benefits of using self-directed IRAs. He also covers strategies for leveraging tax benefits to enhance investment returns.

Taylor discusses:

  • The wealth-building potential and steady income real estate offers
  • The liquidity aspect of real estate investments
  • The tax advantages of real estate investment
  • Exploring asset management, 1031 exchanges, and diversification strategies for real estate investments
  • Insights on real estate deals in the current market with higher interest rates and strategies for future potential refinancing
  • Incorporating real estate into trusts for estate planning to transfer valuable assets and minimize estate taxes
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Taylor Vick has pursued a passionate commitment to the real estate investment community in and around the upstate for decades. Obtaining his CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation, Taylor continued to drive his passion for real estate investing at a high level pursuing the most advanced training, traveling the globe attending industry-leading conferences, and continuing to stay at the leading edge of the investment world each and every day. His tenacity for reaching industry-leading milestones for Blue Ridge has shown year after year, including an increasingly growing total of $150+ million in real estate funds managed.

As Principal and Managing Director, Taylor has a wide range of industry expertise and involvement including private company investments, acquisitions, commercial loans, agency debt, insurance company loans, non-recourse financings, 1031 exchanges, leases with purchase options, originating mortgage notes to buyers, receiving mortgage notes from sellers, contract assessments and equity cash-out refinancing among a variety of strategies that lead the industry in both performance and success.

Taylor’s success is not only driven by the impressive numbers, tenacity, and hunger to lead the industry but in the relational side of Blue Ridge. With an investor-first mindset, Taylor prioritizes investor relationships as the foundation of Blue Ridge’s advancement in the industry and the ever-growing investor client list is proof of his unwavering relational commitment.

You can also find Taylor involved heavily in supporting local community missions, organizations, and events as his local roots remain strong in supporting the upstate’s growth surge sustainably.


Real Estate Market Opportunities Right Now! Part 2 With Richard Davis. (Ep.32)

In the previous episode, we talked about some challenges real estate investors may face as well as the opportunities for them.

In this episode, Richard Davis is back to dig into more specifics about real estate. If you are currently looking for additional sources of income, tune in today for some tips and tricks you can use to start earning with these opportunities in real estate.

Richard discusses:

  • Niches to add to your real estate portfolio
  • The major opportunity in real estate with baby boomers
  • The future of modular buildings 
  • Running a part-time Airbnb 
  • And more!


Free copy of Get The Most Money For Your Real Estate Investment by Rick Davis

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About our guest:

Rick Davis is an experienced Real Estate Agent, Commercial Builder, New Home Builder and Insurance Adjuster, licensed and experienced in commercial and residential real estate sales construction and restoration. He was first licensed in Real Estate in 1972, then in Construction in 1976.  He is licensed in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida.