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Inside a Multigenerational Family-Owned Business with Don Kirkham (Ep. 40)

Family-owned businesses are beneficial to the economy in more ways than one, but there can be challenges along the way. Especially when there is a pandemic and a recession involved.

Overcoming these challenges and passing the business down from one generation to the next is no easy feat.

In this episode, Greg DuPont chats with Don Kirkham, vice president of Kirkham Building System, about what it’s like to work in a family-owned business that has passed through multiple generations. Additionally, Don explains what Kirkham Building System does regarding pole-framed construction and how the process works.

Don discusses:

  • A brief description of his background and what he does for his family’s business – Kirkham Building System
  • Why pole-framed construction is more cost-effective than traditional construction
  • How supply chain issues have affected the industry
  • Kirkham Building System’s costs and the process of working with them
  • How the National Frame Building Association can help you find the right builder in your jurisdiction
  • How their family business has passed through multiple generations and the benefits they have derived from it
  • And more!


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About our guest:

Don Kirkham, is the fourth generation of Kirkhams to work in the post-frame building industry. Don started with his father’s company in 1991 working as a crewman in the summers. He remembers the hard work in the hot summers as a time of learning and great experience. He then worked his way up, learning all the facets of the trade. He served as a planner and sales representative while attending OSU. After college Don became the Sub-Contractor Coordinator and worked closely with General Foreman. He continued on and became General Foreman coordinating the efforts of the entire construction department. Don has also been the company Safety Officer. From 2008 to 2012 Don left the industry and became the Service Advisor for a successful Automotive Shop in Westerville, where he developed the personal fortitude to work closely with many customers. In October 2012, Don returned to KBSI to lead business development and proudly worked alongside his father to continue the tradition of quality and experience that is KBSI.

Don is an avid reader and believes personal development is essential. He continues his education through safety training, personal studies, seminars, and reading. Don lives in Powell, OH with his wife. His son and daughter also both work for KBSI.