Becoming Debt Free for Life with Tracey Spikes, CLU, FICF (Ep 45)

For countless Americans, debt is the most significant problem preventing them from living the life they want and retiring comfortably.

If you stay awake at night stressing about your mortgage and student loans, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are better ways to pay off debt than Dave Ramsey’s strict ‘debt snowball’.

In this eye-opening episode of Your Financial Advocate, host Greg DuPont is joined by Tracey Spikes, Sr. Executive Distribution and Development Officer of the SMART Advisor Network. Tracy illuminates the path to financial liberation through the Debt Free for Life program, sharing insights from personal experience and professional practice.

Tracey discusses:

  • The psychological aspects of debt and its ramifications on financial health
  • His personal experience paying of a staggering $600,000 in debt in just six and half years
  • The differences between effective interest cost and APR
  • An inside look at how the Debt Free for Life program crafts bespoke solutions aligning with individual fiscal circumstances
  • And more!

Connect With Tracey Spikes

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About Our Guest

Tracey Spikes believes debt and taxes are two of the greatest detractors to wealth accumulation and spendable income that Americans face today. He’s studied income in America extensively and came to the shocking conclusion that well over 50% of what we earn over our lifetime goes to paying taxes and/or interest.

It’s for these reasons he uses the Smart Advisor Tools suite of software that includes Debt Free 4 Life™️ and Tax Smart 4 Life™️ as part of his advisory work with clients, and trains similarly-minded advisors.

DF4L is a debt elimination app utilizing risk management based products, like life insurance, to modify a “snowball” approach to debt elimination and cash flow management.