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Understanding the Historical Trends of the Markets (Ep.33)

Do you believe that history tends to repeat itself? The markets have been down recently and if it is anything like the past, it could be down for a while.

In this episode, Greg DuPont goes back as far as 1897 to explain how the markets have been working and how trends tend to repeat themselves. In order to improve at what we do, we have to learn from the past to avoid the same mistakes. 

Greg discusses:

  • The history and trends of the market
  • The Shiller PE ratio and the S&P 500 
  • Who is going to be affected by the markets the most
  • Is the market going to continue to decrease
  • And more!

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Real Estate Market Opportunities Right Now! Part 2 With Richard Davis. (Ep.32)

In the previous episode, we talked about some challenges real estate investors may face as well as the opportunities for them.

In this episode, Richard Davis is back to dig into more specifics about real estate. If you are currently looking for additional sources of income, tune in today for some tips and tricks you can use to start earning with these opportunities in real estate.

Richard discusses:

  • Niches to add to your real estate portfolio
  • The major opportunity in real estate with baby boomers
  • The future of modular buildings 
  • Running a part-time Airbnb 
  • And more!


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About our guest:

Rick Davis is an experienced Real Estate Agent, Commercial Builder, New Home Builder and Insurance Adjuster, licensed and experienced in commercial and residential real estate sales construction and restoration. He was first licensed in Real Estate in 1972, then in Construction in 1976.  He is licensed in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida.